Dentures/Prosthesis Dentures are removable teeth that help replace missing teeth and surrounding tissue. They come in two options: partial or complete. Partial dentures fill in missing space caused by lost teeth and prevent other teeth from shifting. They are placed alongside and complement natural teeth. Complete dentures work the [...]

Emergency Dental


Emergency Dental Services A dental emergency is a painful, terrifying, and often expensive ordeal. For example, a fractured tooth can easily be caused by tooth grinding, eating hard foods, severe trauma, etc. At this stage, ensuring the affected teeth have the best chance at survival means immediate treatment [...]

Comfort Aid


Comfort Aid For many different reasons, a high number of patients choose to avoid the dentist for regular checkups and cleanings. Our professionals at Delta Dental clinic understand the dentist is not always the most relaxing place, and so we strive to take extra measures to ensure all [...]



X-Rays Contrary to popular belief, a traditional x-ray in a dentist’s office produces significantly lower radiation than most common household appliances. Digital x-rays are not only safer for you but are also much more comfortable. For new patients, we always recommend a full mouth series and bitewing x-rays to [...]

Routine Cleanings


Routine Cleanings Following the correct oral health standards is the most important thing you can do for your oral health. Neglecting your oral health will negatively affect a person’s life down the road, either with the requiring of expensive surgeries or simply with an unconfident smile. Depending on your [...]

Oral Surgery


Oral Surgery Oral surgery is any surgery that consists of cutting into or removing tissue from the mouth, extracting teeth, or installing a dental implant. Surgery is used to correct many problems in the areas of the jaw, face, neck, soft mouth tissues, and of course teeth. In the [...]

Root Canal


Root Canal At times, the nerve under a tooth can be subjected to decay or infection. When this happens, a root canal procedure is necessary to correct the situation. To ensure tooth survival, along with the damaged nerve, the pulp (living tissue) inside the tooth must also be removed. [...]

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