Our dentists at Delta Dental Clinic have put together this infographic for our patients who want to maintain optimal dental health throughout their lives.

Kid-friendly dental care

  • Using a washcloth, gently clean your baby’s gums. This gets your baby used to oral care.
  • Start brushing when the first tooth appears and floss when the teeth start to touch.
  • Teach older children to brush twice a day and floss once a day. Use a pea-sized amount of toothpaste.
  • Take your child to the dentist twice a year. Make the trips a positive experience at a younger age.
  • Ask your dentist about additional treatments. Consider fluoride and sealants for permanent teeth.

Adult techniques for healthy teeth

  • Brush twice and floss once daily. This removes plaque and prevents decay.
  • See your dentist every 4-6 months – regular check-ups can catch problems early.
  • Be alert for gum disease symptoms like red, swollen, or bleeding gums.
  • Limit intake of sugary or starchy foods, as the contribute to plaque buildup.
  • Talk to your East Van Dental professional about cosmetic treatments like whitening, veneers, and other options to improve your smile.

Savvy senior strategies for dental health

  • Maintain a good brushing and flowing routine. An electric toothbrush can make brushing a little easier.
  • Try toothpaste that reduces sensitivity, as this is common in seniors.
  • Many medications can cause dry mouth so talk to your dentist about dry mouth treatments.
  • Discuss any health conditions that affect your overall health, such as heart disease, diabetes, or other issues, with your dentist.
  • Get treated for partial or total tooth loss. Dentures and implants are great options.

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